Hello friends! And welcome to another great episode of The Riverhouse Games Podcast. We’re breaking our Games Closet streak to bring you an episode of From Scratch, our podcast about learning new games! We’re live from GeeklyCon in Portland Oregon, playing The Warren by Marshall Miller. I didn’t expect a large turnout since we were booked at the same time as the big larp but we had almost twice as many people as I expected show up! Shoutouts need to go to everyone who was there, Jaime, Millie, Dustin, Kevin, Monica, James, Jason, Alaina, and Kurt! Obvious disclaimer that this is a live show and the audio is not going to be as good as our normal episodes. The first few minutes of audio is very bad but as soon as I remember to turn the usb mic on it should get better. Let’s go be rabbits!

Minneapolis would be great for Geekly Con, just saying…

Stay tuned for the upcoming Riverhouse Games/The Leviathan Files Patreon!

From Scratch: I’ll be bringing a friend or two on each show, giving them five or so random games out of my list of  “Games I Haven’t Played Yet”, and having them choose which one sounds good to them. We would then learn the game together from scratch and we would record both our learning of the game as well as a tiny actual play of the game in progress. A lot of people talk about how you can really only get into gaming via the “older cousin” route – someone has to teach you, you don’t usually just pick up a book & learn. This is a way to pick up new games while at the same time exploring the ways we learn how to play.



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