Hello friends and welcome back to Game Closet. That’s right, we’re rebranding, and making Game Closet our full time focus. We’re no longer The Riverhouse Games Podcast even though we’ll still do our other segments, Critical Theory and From Scratch here & there. For example, this episode is a Critical Theory with Quinn Wilson of Swallows of the South, an Exalted third edition actual play. Quinn’s here to teach us about improvisational storytelling, narrative frames, and how Doctor Magnethands is a sophisticated improv exercise. Wanna hang out with me & Quinn in November? Check out Acadecon, a small games convention in Dayton Ohio run by the RPG Academy Network. While we jump into this episode, I’ll put a link in the show notes. Let’s get to it!


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Analog Game Studies journal

I Have No Words & I Must Design

National Comedy Theater



Critical Theory: A literary analysis of a game’s text & practice, going over the questions raised by the text or the way the game plays. Cross-disciplinary approaches to tabletop gaming, or close reading of specific pieces of game text.

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