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Well hello friends and enemies, and welcome to Game Closet, where we have a chat with all sorts of really cool queer and LGBT+ tabletop roleplayers who make games, podcasts, streams, you name it. With us this week is my friend VJ, who runs Hedged In: a Changeling The Lost story. Her show is quirky, magical, queer, and fantastical and I think you’re going to love it. In this episode we chat about how we find our inspirations, our goals for the future, and the joy of having the ability to make art that celebrates who we are as people. I talked last episode about Con Of The North in mid February where I’ll be running The Quiet Year, Questlandia, and Descent Into Midnight, but I’d like to take a moment to talk to you about Lawful Good Gaming, an organization that seeks to pair tabletop roleplayers with charitable organizations. In 2017 they helped raise over 7 thousand dollars for organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, National Immigration Law Center, and the Ocean Conservatory. Going into 2018 their efforts are focused on queer & LGBT+ folks with donations going to groups like SAGE and The Trevor Project. Check out their facebook page at facebook dot com slash groups slash lawfulgoodgaming, or follow the link in the show notes. With all that out of the way, let’s get to the show!

Game Closet: interviewing LGBT+ people in tabletop gaming, creators, fans, anyone! Interviews would talk about personal experiences, games with (or without) LGBT+ representations or themes, or using queer content in gaming. Are you queer or LGBT+ and want to be featured on The Game Closet? Check out our Contact Us page! You can also check out the articles mentioned in the show by checking out our collection of queer/LGBT+ roleplaying resources.

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