Hello friends! I’ll keep this bumper short cuz this is a nice little bonus episode for y’all. I hope you can hear all the birds outside my window cuz it’s finally springtime & they’re happy as hell about that. What you’re about to listen to is a recording of a game of Masks: A New Generation that I ran for Roll 4 Change, an organization that runs livestreams of rpgs to benefit charity. Masks is my absolute favorite game right now, and this might be the best session I’ve ever ran for it so I wanted to get it out to you, the listener, to enjoy as well. I want to say thank you to everyone involved in making this happen, not only was it just a phenomenal game, but we helped raise three hundred and fifty five dollars for Children’s Defense Fund through viewer donations. While you’re listening to this episode, check out CDF and check out Roll 4 Change for future livestreams just like this one. Let’s get to it!

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