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Hello friends! I don’t know if you’re following me on Twitter or Patreon but you may have seen that my computer recently shit the bed. It had a pretty drastic crash that it has bounced back from slightly but it’s just barely hanging on and even opening WordPress takes about a minute. I have all my Riverhouse stuff backed up to the cloud but audio editing is beyond the capabilities of my current machine.

I have a new computer ordered, but Lenovo keeps pushing back the estimated delivery, at the moment they say I should have it by April. Until the new one comes in I have this for you. Please enjoy the audio of our first Riverhouse Twitch Game! Sorry the audio isn’t great and thank you for your patience while I get things back to normal!


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Pronouns (D10 table!)

Playtest Descent into Midnight!

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Thank you for listening to this Riverhouse podcast. You can find more podcasts at RiverhouseGames.com as well as games and resources about queer & LGBT+ tabletop gaming. Thank you to the people backing the Riverhouse Games Patreon, such as:

Nyssa Mackinnon, Rohit Sodhia & Gamersplane.com, Landan Smith, Katy Morgan, Elizabeth Bellisario, Kirsten Engeseth, Nicole Trainor, Corv Leary, Alice Tobin, Kyle Krueger, Paul Bennett, Rob Abrazado, and Tobie Abad: THANK YOU! If you want to see your name in upcoming Riverhouse games or podcasts, you can set a small monthly subscription at Patreon.com/RiverhouseGames

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