Hey listeners, July 3rd is going to be the 100th official episode of Game Closet and I want your help to make it special! For the 100th episode I want to run a couple things on the show. 

First, I wanna hear your voices! Send me a recording of how Game Closet influenced your experience in RPGs, your favorite episode, a message of congrats, a great memory of a time we hung out, or even a clip of you promoting your game (tbh i would love it if I got folks sending me E3 style ad reels for their shit)! Try and keep it under like 5 minutes? I don’t know whatever feels like an appropriate length. You can send these by email to Taylor@RiverhouseGames.com by July 2nd. Try and use the subject line “Game Closet 100” but if you forget that’s ok too!

Second, as always, I want your listener questions! This time I’m the guest, tho. Do you have a question about how I run Game Closet, or design my games, or do you just wanna ask me about my favorite fishing lure, movie, or RPG? Now’s your time to ask it! I’ll do my regular tweet and call on Discord but you can also send your questions in a short audio recording form! Shoot me an mp3 of your question to Taylor@RiverhouseGames.com by July 2nd! 

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