Game Closet 5 – Aram Vartian & Godsfall

Game Closet 5 – Aram Vartian & Godsfall

Hello friends! Welcome to another episode of the Riverhouse Games Podcast. We’re continuing our streak of Game Closet episodes and I gotta tell you, I’m super psyched to announce the guest for this week. He’s got a kickstarter going right now for a print run of the worldbook for his podcast about swords and superheroes. That’s right, I’m talking to none other than Aram from Godsfall. We talk about the production process, queer mentorship and narratives, and dive into the details of his amazing project. Aram is one of my podcasting heroes and he’s a genuinely amazing person so this episode was a joy to record. With all that out of the way let’s jump into it! (btw here’s the patreon for Raime Stark who did the art we talk about.)

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