Game Closet 15: Fabby Garza

Game Closet 15: Fabby Garza

Hello friends and welcome to another episode of Game Closet, the show about queer and LGBT+ tabletop games and the people who play them, make them, and do all sorts of fun stuff in the community. Joining me tonight is someone who has multiple projects coming down the pipe and is a good friend of mine. Their name is Fabby Garza and in this episode we chat all about wrestling, superheroes, and their new projects which include an actual play podcast featuring exclusively people of color, as well as an all queer Masks actual play (pst, including yours truly). Before we get into this episode I want to take a moment to say that I’ll be in St. Louis, Missouri for Geekly Con July 19th through the 23rd so if you’ll be there too, gimme a shout! Hey enough intro, let’s get to the episode.

Game Closet: interviewing LGBT+ people in tabletop gaming, creators, fans, anyone! Interviews would talk about personal experiences, games with (or without) LGBT+ representations or themes, or using queer content in gaming. Are you queer or LGBT+ and want to be featured on The Game Closet? Check out our Contact Us page! You can also check out the articles mentioned in the show by checking out our collection of queer/LGBT+ roleplaying resources.

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