Game Closet 27 – Josephine the Archivist of Panoplit

Game Closet 27 – Josephine the Archivist of Panoplit



Swing Left:

Hello all you guys gals and nonbinary pals, and welcome to another episode of Game Closet, the show of amazing queer & LDBT+ tabletop rpg folks! We’ve got a great guest with us this episode, Josephine from Panoplit, a great website of archival history and articles. We had a blast chatting about her work gathering great insight and data and archiving stories of underrepresented people’s experiences in gaming. I’ll have links to Panoplit and Josephine’s novel in the show notes. Why don’t you check out the link to the Riverhouse Games Discord in the show notes as well! Also in the show notes is a link to sign up for our initial playtest run of Descent Into Midnight, a powered by the apocalypse game about aquatic guardians and the corruption they face. Enough plugs, let’s get to the show!


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