Game Closet 31 – James D’Amato

Game Closet 31 – James D’Amato



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Hello all you guys gals and nonbinary pals and welcome to another episode of Game Closet, the show highlighting all sorts of great queer & LGBT+ folks in the RPG community. I’m stoked to put this interview up because it was very surreal to have a close chat with one of the folks whose work inspired me to start this show. I’m joined by James D’amato of the One Shot Network to talk about his new book that you can preorder RIGHT NOW. James and I talk about his favorite game, Star Crossed, all the fantastic character development tools found in his book, and some frustrations of being a queer creator in a straight publishing world. I’ll have links to everything in the show notes as always.

Game Closet: interviewing LGBT+ people in tabletop gaming, creators, fans, anyone! Interviews talk about personal experiences, games with (or without) LGBT+ representations or themes, or using queer content in gaming. Are you queer or LGBT+ and want to be featured on Game Closet? Check out our Contact Us page! You can also check out a curated collection of queer/LGBT+ roleplaying resources.

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