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Well hey there friends and enemies, and welcome to another episode of Game Closet, the podcast highlighting queer and LGBT+ tabletop games and gamers. I’m your host, Taylor, and this episode I’m joined by three wonderful friends who are part of the spectacularly heartfelt Dungeon World podcast called Blue Dawn. Corv, Cole, Shannon, and I sit down to talk about fandom culture informing RPGs, Nonbinary individuals playing to gendered characters, and earnest shitposting. I’ll have all their links in the show notes. A special broadcast here for everyone at Geekly Con in Saint Louis Missouri this year, which if I time this right will be happening just days after this episode goes up. If you’re going to the con, gimme a shout and we’ll play some games! If you’re tuning into the show because we met at the con, hey it’s great to have you onboard and I’m sure it was a blast meeting you. Well with all that out of the way, let’s get to it!

Game Closet: interviewing LGBT+ people in tabletop gaming, creators, fans, anyone! Interviews would talk about personal experiences, games with (or without) LGBT+ representations or themes, or using queer content in gaming. Are you queer or LGBT+ and want to be featured on The Game Closet? Check out our Contact Us page! You can also check out the articles mentioned in the show by checking out our collection of queer/LGBT+ roleplaying resources.

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