Hello friends, I’m Taylor, and welcome to another episode of the Riverhouse Games Podcast. We’ve got a super cool episode today with two really rad people. We’re talking with Meghan Dornbrock from the Modifier podcast and Brandon Leon-Gambetta from Stop Hack and Roll podcast about fanfiction, transformative works, and fan created RPGs. We talk a little bit about what fanwork is and what it does for the art of roleplaying games and the community who loves them. We even assign our first bit of homework to one of our guests! Before we get into it I want to tell you about cons! I’m going to two of them, GenCon in August and Acadecon in November. If you’re going to either, give me a shout & let’s meet up! With the intro out of the way let’s jump straight into this Critical Theory episode with Meghan and Brandon

If you want to get in on the fanfiction recommendations party, tweet at me (@LeviathanFiles), Brandon (@DrCaptainKobold) or Meghan (@Meglish) with your fic recs and use the hashtag #BranFic!

We didn’t mention it in the show, but check out this episode from the Design Games Podcast with Nathan Paoletta & Will Hindmarch for more cool talk about hacking & Modding games, especially about designing games with the intent of them being hackable.

Critical Theory: A literary analysis of a game’s text & practice, going over the questions raised by the text or the way the game plays. Cross-disciplinary approaches to tabletop gaming, or close reading of specific pieces of game text.

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